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For the Well Being of Horse & Rider: Refine Your Body Awareness

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WELCOME To Self-Directed Well Being

Improve Mobility At Any Age Regardless of History or Injury

 "The problem with aging is that it involves joint degeneration based on overuse due to compensation & movement patterns that have become habitual to the exclusion of other options." This occurs with injury, with normal everydaly living over time.

PHYSICAL IMPEDIMENTS: Cells accumulate unprocessed wastes when lactic acid, and other by-products of strenuous exercise, are not efficiently excreted during the normal wear and tear of moving in through the field of gravity in space. This creates microscopic physical impediments to circulation. Any unequal tonus in the symmetry of self-use only exacerbates the problem.

MENTAL, & EMOTIONAL IMPEDIMENTS: This same phenomenon happens with the Self Image. The mind, the psyche, the emotions  form subtle "bodies" (as they are known in the ancient philosophies that are the underpininings of yoga) which also accumulate the cummulative detritus of existence. This may consist of ideas that limit what's possible, attachment to stories of limitation and memories of accidents or losses that prevent true freedom: the kind of mobility any child walks into this world with full access to.

feldenkrais®, A Mindful Approach to Mobility & Freedom

To recover that level of mobility, to re-integrate previous ability and dexterity, and to discover new organizations of movement across all levels of experience: this is what happens with the kind of maturation that is led by learning. It is a direct path to a more agile, potent, powerful sense of self. The physical effects may include more balance between the dominance of one side over the other, new freedom of mobility which often shows up as improved peripheral vision, spontaneously faster reflexes, superior stability in motion, and a greater overall sense of ease  and comfort. This is possible for your horse, and for you. This is for the riders who wish to learn to work with themselves to improve their form and function, because when push comes to shove, you and your horse are out there on your own. The true test of ability and skill is in that moment when you have no recourse but to rely on what you and your horse know in an embodied, physical way. This method encompasses both the art and science of cordinated, spontaneous dexterity and equilibrium for those who seek lightness, balance and ease...


What People Are Saying about Gabrielle's work with
horse & rider!

"Thanks Gabrielle!  My trainer rode Scamp last night and could definitely tell a difference – she was looser and her left lead canter was better.
I am looking forward to seeing you Thursday for another session!"
-Leslie K., Redmond, WA
Why is feldenkrais what the world is really ready for now?

The comments below are from satisfied trainers and  riders...
"Gabrielle,  wish you could have seen me on my client's horse after you worked with him! You made a huge difference!" -Molly M. (trainer)
"Gabrielle,  I had a 20 minute ride on my horse last night after you worked with him and he was super duper!"

and again, week later:
Before: "Gabrielle,  I think I have a rib out, or a pulled muscle. Any chance you can work with me today?"   After: "Gabrielle, I feel 75% better! I think I'll get some sleep tonight! Thank you!" -Molly M. (trainer) Woodinville, WA
"Gabrielle,  I think Cheeky is definitely doing better with the pulled muscle on his right hind.​​​ He's stepping under more and I was able to get him to pick up his foot so I could clean his hoof, finally. He's been lying down at night now for the first time since he fell, and he's not afraid he won't be able to get up any more. It's really working"
-Keli C., Woodinville, WA
"Gabrielle,  thank you for working with Hobbie. His lunge yesterday was super and I rode him some this morning and he is much more comfortable. I can tell!" -Karen C ., Woodinville, WA
"Gabrielle,  my  ​​horse feels really good today! You are terrific! Thanks for helping her!"
-Leslie K., Redmond, WA
"Gabrielle,  I can't believe how loose and relaxed Rossi​​ felt when I rode him after you worked with him!"
-Caitlin M., Woodinville, WA
"Gabrielle,  I love how my horse felt after you worked with him! After you did his neck, Columbo actually turned all the way to the right and then all the way to the left, as if he was taking it for a test drive to see how it feels. 
-Leslee M., Woodinville, WA