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For the Well Being of Horse & Rider: Trust Your Instincts

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  1. Archive of Free Audio Recordings
    from previous workshops

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    Discover the ease of short warmups and longer lessons that help you release the holding patterns which interfere with your riding due to stiffness, old, or recent injuries, or asymmetrical neurological patterns of movement that you cannot control voluntarily. The feldenkrais METHOD allows you to reset old patterns and initiate new ones, bringing new options and new freedom to how you symmetry to your coordination, new subtlety to your awareness as a athlete. Note that the length of the lesson is listed on the audio player. You can listen online, or you can download these awesome rider warm ups to your phone and take them with you anywhere you go!

    Lessons in feldenkrais are called, "Awareness Through Movement" or ATM for short:

    AT THE BARN: This audio recording will guide you through a way to active the psoas, release your low back and allow your pelvis greater freedom to follow the movment of your horse. It also lends length to your hamstrings and adds to the space between the vertebrae in your lumbar spine. You will like how you feel! This might take 15 minutes the first time; after that, it only takes 5-7 minutes to remind your brain of the new options it has learned. This is very different from stretching. It's about learning.
    AT HOME: This audio recording will guide you through how to spend a few minutes to lengthen your calf so that you can easily weight your heels, taking your legs off the horse for more subtle communication as a rider. You will feel much more grounded after! Again, this might take 15 minutes the first time; subsequent warm-ps only take 5-7 minutes. This is very different from stretching. It's a kind of learning that warms you up to ride before you  even leave the house.
    AT THE BARN: This audio recording will awaken your feet as well as your legs. It's actually a variation on the ATM above, but it takes you a little deeper into the Method. By adding crouching to the mix, you wake up the innate intelligence of the 26 bones of your feet. Imagine you are so stiff that your feet move like boards. Then imagine how much greater your mobility and stability when you awaken the awareness of proprioception between all 26 bones of your feet? The range of motion is multiplied by the number of joints involved. The stability of your skeleton is amplified by the readiness of your entire system to repsond spontaneously in any situation, augmenting skill and coordination.
    AT HOME: This is a longer audio, but it's a better intoduction to how FELDENKRAIS can help you release some of the asymmetires that you hold which throw off your horse because they affect how your weight sits on his back. Be sure to take an hour with this one. If you have nowhere to go after,  you can really appreciate the  calm, grounded ease that results. Remember, it's  about the process. Once you learn this process, this way of working with yourself, you have access to a completely new resource at any time, day or night...